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Tip:In the KJV mode search results, click the "Show Strong's" tab above and to the right of the scripture displayed to see all Strong's numbers in the passage. Click on these numbers to display the Strong's Concordance information. (or) If you already know the numbers do a quick Strong's search below with the "Quick Strong's Number Lookup".

  • KJV = King James Version
  • NKJV = New King James Version
  • NLT = New Living Translation
  • NIV = New International Version
  • ESV = English Standard Version
  • RVR = Reina-Valera
  • NASB = New American Standard Bible
  • RSV = Revised Standard Version
  • ASV = American Standard Version
  • YNG = Young's Literal Translation
  • DBY = Darby Translation
  • WEB = Webster's Bible
  • HNV = Hebrew Names Version
  • VUL = Vulgate
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